Praemoveo is a cutting-edge payment platform for today’s global business. We provide an all-in-one solution for international wire transfers, customer collections, and financial management. We offer solutions to suit your personal requirements, whether it is a personal account, a small business account or an established worldwide multi-national company.

Unique IBAN

Take advantage of a custom-designed foreign bank account number for you or your company. Once you have opened your IBAN account with Praemoveo, you can start sending and receiving payments via SEPA and SWIFT Transfers. You can also begin conducting SEPA transfers between European countries and international SWIFT payments at the same time.


Our self-service platform was created with the goal of providing complete transparency, maximum security, and complete control over your everyday payments. As a result, you may access and manage your personal or business accounts from a desktop or mobile device twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.

SWIFT Transfers

Praemoveo allows you to make multi-currency payments when you create an account. By using our digital payment solutions you can reduce costs with every transaction irregardless of the currency used due to the favorable exchange rates we offer. Most significantly, SWIFT transactions follow the same transparent, safe, and controlled process as SEPA Transactions.

SEPA Transfers

SEPA is the preferred network used for transactions with Europe using the unique IBAN account number. In most cases transfers can be done the same day.

Payment Card

Our payment card is the solution for businesses or those who make several payments a day. You can monitor spending, retrieve statements via the mobile APP, and assign employees a card for specific purposes. Use it anywhere, anytime, and enjoy financial freedom.

E-Commerce Platform

We are developing an easy to use merchant processing platform for our E-Commerce clients.

This is Coming soon!!