Consumer Rights and Responsibilities

Which rights do you have when executing payments in Europe?

– Cross-border euro payments among EU countries cost the same as domestic payments in euro.

– International payments in Euro from non-Euro area countries cost the same as domestic payments in national currency. The fee for withdrawing cash from an ATM should be the same both in your country and in another Member State.

– Unauthorized payments (such as those made with a stolen credit card) will not result in a loss of more than 50 euros for you (unless such payment was made due to your own negligence). You will not be liable for unauthorized payments made after we have been notified of the loss or theft of your card, or for online payments if the authentication procedures we apply do not ensure high-level security.

– If you use direct debit services (you have authorized the payee to initiate payments from your payment account periodically), you have the right to contest any incorrect payment within 8 weeks. Any funds that have been debited incorrectly must be returned to you within 10 business days.

– You have the right to know whether and what commission fees are applicable to you when making payments.

– Whenever you pay with our payment card that has been issued in the EU, the merchant cannot charge you any additional fees.

– If you have problems related to our payment services or any other issue, we must respond to your complaints within 15 business days. In case you are not satisfied with the answer received, you can contact the Bank of Lithuania.

Your rights when making payments in Europe