When it comes to your money, there cannot be enough of it.

As a financial institution, Praemoveo is obligated to enact measures to prevent money laundering and terrorist financing. Tractability of financial information has an important deterrent effect.


Part of our obligation is to store some of your personal and transnational data for a period of 6 years.


In order to not hold your information for longer than is strictly necessary we will not hold any of your personal data for more than 6 years after we stop providing services to you.


Only a small number of our employees can see that data, and will only access it when absolutely necessary.


Please note: Retention periods could be subject to change, depending on where you live, changes to regulatory requirements, or other legal obligations that we need to adhere to.

Security of your funds is our top priority.

Praemoveo is regulated and periodically audited by the Central Bank of the Republic of Lithuania. This means that we have a clear track of our financial performance and meet the highest standards of security and reliability. We ensure transparent and impeccable financial operations at all times.

Unlike traditional financial institutions, we keep your funds in a separate account that cannot be accessed by anyone except you. Banks, on the other hand, could use your funds to invest or give it as a loan.

Moreover, our software, technologies, and monitoring systems always meet the highest and most rigorous standards of security. We employ the newest trends in information technology to ensure that your money, data, and transfers are secure round the clock.