What is an IBAN?

A unique code that identifies your Praemoveo account in the international banking system to simplify transaction processing.

Unique IBAN

How can I use it?

A personal or business account with a unique EU IBAN is a simple way to improve money management.

Send and receive salary payments

Make sure the money always gets to the right beneficiary

Cover utility bills

Take care of essential expenses with ease

Pay for goods and services

Simplify routine payments

Multi-currency accounts for international transfers

Looking to simplify cross-border transactions? Transfer funds in 38 currencies with a multi-currency IBAN linked to your account.


IBAN, or International Bank Account Number, is a unique code that serves as an address from and to which a payment is sent. An IBAN code is composed of a bank identifier, a country code, and a bank account number, which makes it sufficient to execute most payments, especially SEPA Credit Transfers. 

While the IBAN is used to make EU-wide SEPA transfers in euros, the SWIFT code is used to make payments on the SWIFT cross-border wire transfer network. Unlike SEPA, SWIFT transfers are not free and take up to a few working days. At the same time, the SWIFT network supports 38 currencies and is available in more than 100 countries, while SEPA transfers can only be executed in euro and within the SEPA area.

A multi-currency IBAN allows you to simplify cross-border transactions without opening a separate account for each currency you use. With a single multi-currency IBAN linked to your Praemoveo account, you can transfer funds in 38 currencies at market-beating rates.

If you have an account with Praemoveo, you can find your IBAN details by taking the following steps:

Web Client office → Sign in to your account using a One-time Password → Go to the Accounts tab on the left side of your screen → Click on the Account that you need the information for → Click on the Funding Instructions tab and expand the details.

Mobile app → Sign in to your account → go to the Accounts tab → Click on the Account that you need the information for → Click on the Funding Instructions tab.

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